Shaving Heads to Fight Childhood Cancer

What would it take for you to shave your head? A certain amount of money? What if all that money went to making a difference in the lives of children battling cancer? That was the idea St. Baldrick’s was built on – going bald for a good cause. 

On March 9, de Vere’s Pub will be shutting down L Street in Sacramento to host its annual St. Baldrick’s block party, an initiative intended to raise awareness and money for childhood cancer research. 

Every year, the event gathers local businesses, schools and people from the community who are willing to shave their heads as a sign of solidarity with children who are fighting cancer. The Sacramento and Davis communities raise money in support of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, then make their way to the local de Vere’s Irish Pub to get their heads shaved. 

St. Baldrick’s Foundation is the largest private funder in the U.S. of childhood cancer research grants. It has funded more than $282 million in grants to researchers working to give kids with cancer a better future. Children’s cancer differs from adult cancer and is “extremely underfunded” according to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation website.  

So far this year, $15,000 has been raised toward a goal of $50,000. To make things more interesting, de Vere’s Pub employees compete against other pub locations to raise the most money. 

Not only is the event inspiring and a great cause to support, it’s also an entertaining evening watching an assembly line of head shavers go to work on people’s hair. This Monday, March 9, sign up to join The Bald Crusaders and get buzzed for a great cause!