Find Local Restaurants To Support During COVID-19

To further social distancing efforts during the coronavirus pandemic, California Gov. Gavin Newsom has ordered all restaurants and bars to close to dine-in customers until further notice. To remain open in a limited capacity, many restaurants are getting creative to continue serving their communities as people hunker down, offering carryout service and, in some cases, free meals to food-insecure students and community members.

Below is a list of restaurants that remain open. Please check their websites and social media pages for the latest updates and hours of operation. Also, consider buying gift cards to keep cash flow moving. We will be working continuously to update this list.


North State




South Lake Tahoe

Yolo County

Sonoma County

Santa Rosa



Bay Area




Santa Cruz



San Luis Obispo

Santa Barbara

Long Beach

If you have a list you would like to submit contact Liz Lorand at

To find more restaurants open during the coronavirus use our map to search in your area.

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