Restaurants with Excellent Delivery Ratings to Support During Social Distancing

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, dining out isn’t an option anymore but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your favorite restaurant cravings. We’ve rounded up a list of our board members with great take-out and delivery ratings for you to enjoy while practicing social distancing.

Consider ordering directly from the restaurant instead of a third-party delivery app as delivery services charge a fee to restaurants that hurt, instead of help, local businesses.

Multiple Locations Across California:

Black Bear Diner

4 Stars (734 ratings)

“They are always on point. Right now, the menu is limited but it doesn’t matter. It’s better this way because they have a smaller staff and it’s allowing them to continue to make the same quality of food we expect from them. And as always, we received polite and friendly service. They threw in a brownie with dinner the last time too!” – Jacobie L. from Sacramento, CA

Habit Burger Grill

4.5 Stars (812 Ratings)

“It’s one of the best burger places! They are very consistent with getting orders right. It’s clean, it has yummy food, and friendly staff. The food is affordable for the taste. The food has always been great, whatever I order. I would recommend this spot to everyone.” – Jessica C. from Sunnyvale, CA

Lazy Dog Restaurant

4 Stars (2,200 ratings)

“They’re open for takeout, and the service and food are great. They also have a pantry special on groceries like chicken, veggies, etc. Thanks for staying open to give us a taste of normalcy!” – JoAnn Y. from Cupertino, CA

Mendocino Farms

4.8 Stars (2,000 ratings)

“We love Mendocino farms! It’s so nice to have a quick grab spot with a health-conscious mentality. The food is so delicious!” – Bri K. from Green Valley, CA

Outback Steakhouse

4 Stars (856 ratings)

“My favorite go-to place! I always order the 6-ounce steak with garlic mash potatoes and steamed broccoli. They never fail me. I’m so happy I can still order at this time when I can’t go in. Let’s not forget the 6 p.m. margaritas they have to go right now!” – Fran D. from Sacramento, CA

Urban Plates

4.8 Stars (2,000 ratings)

“Delicious, healthy options, great real food, friendly service, attentive management and very reasonable prices – the perfect combination for us. We look forward to coming back to try something else on the menu, everything looked delicious!” – Sara B. from Rancho Cordova, CA

Southern California:

Farmer Boys

4.7 Stars (1,530 ratings)

“Great tasting food made fresh and fast! The burgers are tasty and juicy, and the fries crispy and hot. If you have not been to Farmer Boys, you should put it in your to-do list.” – Tony V. from Los Angeles, CA

Green Street Restaurant

4.5 Stars (241 Ratings)

“We’ve been going to Green Street Restaurant for a number of years. We’ve never been disappointed in the food or the service. This time, with COVID-19 shutdown, we ordered online and picked up our order curbside. It was just as good as always.” ­– Rudolf W. from Glendale, CA

Maria’s Italian Kitchen

4.5 Stars (644 ratings)

“What a treat! Great Italian food at reasonable prices. They serve great complimentary focaccia bread. Nice selection of wines. She included a bowl of freshly grated Parmesan cheese with our meals. Everyone was friendly and all our food choices were very yummy. I would definitely recommend it!” – Renay S. from Porterville, CA

Marmalade Café

4.5 Stars (630 Ratings)

“The food here is fantastic! And the service was very fast. Food came quickly, hot and correct.” – Joy J. from Tarzana, CA

Pink’s Hotdogs

3.5 Stars (7,000 ratings)

 “The best hot dogs in L.A. They have unique creations such as the Huell Howser Dog or the Lord of the Rings Dog. Everything is fresh because they sell so much. The onion rings and fries are made fresh.” – Brian C. from Riverside, CA

Poquito Mas

4.7 Stars (2,000 Ratings)

“Love it. Great food at a great price. The fresh-made tortillas are amazing. Service is always excellent and the salsa is top-notch. The food here is better than most Mexican restaurants and taquerias in the valley.” – C.J. from Woodland Hills, CA

Urbane Café

4.7 Stars (739 Ratings)

“This is our go-to sandwich place. They have seasonal items and change the menu every now and then. There are great new sandwiches to try, but sometimes your favorite gets chopped off the menu. Their soups are also outrageously good. Try anything here and it’s great! They’re still open during the state coronavirus shutdown. Go get a great sandwich and support them!” – Steve M. from San Diego, CA


4 Stars (8,313 Ratings)

“What a place, what a beer, das ist fantastisch! If you want great German food, this is the best choice. Delicious sausages, bratwurst and the classic Franziskaner beer will transform your usual day to Oktoberfest with delivery.” – Alex T. from San Francisco, CA

Northern California:

Brookfield Restaurant

4 Stars (900 Ratings)

“The best breakfast I’ve had in Sacramento since COVID-19 started and they do curbside pick-up!” – David B. from San Francisco, CA

Chocolate Fish

4.5 Stars (370 Ratings)

“I work at a local hospital and I was one of many who were incredibly grateful for the donation of coffee today from Chocolate Fish during this COVID-19 crisis! The topic of conversation amongst my colleagues was ‘I didn’t realize coffee could be so delicious, you don’t need to add anything to it!’ Now that I’ve learned how delicious the coffee is here, I am already looking forward to supporting this local business. Thank you!” – Shan K. Sacramento, CA

Frank Fat’s

4.8 Stars (536 Ratings)

“The food and service here are consistently very good. I think every time I’ve ordered, we have tried different dishes and they never disappoint. Servers are very nice and specialty drinks are a hit!” – Craig D. from Sunnyvale, CA

Sal’s Mexican Restaurant

4.5 Stars (60 ratings)

“Tasty chips, homemade salsa and guacamole for starters. Great selection of Mexican food at reasonable prices! Authentic fresh Mexican dishes with fast, friendly service!” – David R. from Stateline, NV

Starbird Chicken

4.7 Stars (2,000 Ratings)

“During the shelter-in-place, we have been getting lunches delivered from Starbird in Sunnyvale and enjoying them immensely. Everything is handled really well. Food is amazing, delivery is fast, and everything is well packaged for safe service. We’ve enjoyed food from Starbird since it opened, so we are pleased to continue supporting them even with all that’s going on. Well done!” – Robin S. from Mountain View, CA